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Christopher London

"It's all about the changes! Changes of the Mind, and Changes of the Body. I will do both by Changing Your Life!"


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Specializing in:

weight loss/Management, Strength Training, Sport-sPECIFIC tRAINING, cOMPETITION wEIGHT tRAINING, AND oVER-aLL fITNESS. 

About me:

What's UP EVERYBODY?!?!? Hey my name is Chris a.k.a. Mr. CPLondon Training. Being able to work with a broad spectrum of clients from different ages and genders, I am capable of working with anyone to reach their Fitness Goals. I recently won the 2016 Tampa Bay Classic Bodybuilding Show for the Light Heavyweight. From all of my experiences, and the love of healthy living, I can testify that I will get you to where you want to be and the best shape of your life! Contact me and see how I can help!

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